Consumer - FAQ


A toll-free number is provided for consumers, available 24/7, 365 days a year. Consumers with questions about check authorization may cal l:

(800) 310.6107
What can the consumer do to help get their check(s) approved ?

The consumer can call EnCircle using the Consumer Support number above, and update their contact information such as name, address, phone and driver's license.

EnCircle can usually verify this data while the consumer is still on the line. If verified:

  • In most cases, the consumer can immediately write another check and be approved.
  • A Positive File is established at EnCircle; improving the likelihood the consumer's checks will be approved in the future.
The consumer has plenty of money in their checking account, so why was the check declined at the point of sale ?

Depending on the bank, funds may not be able to be verified. When funds cannot be verified, approval decisions may be based upon :

  • Statistical risk analysis of the check.
  • Information about the checking account available in national databases.
  • Other checks written on the consumer's account that still may not have cleared, including checks to other merchants.
The consumer has never written a bad check, so how could they be declined ?
  The national databases used for verification may not have had enough information about the consumer's checking account. Approval decisions then may be based upon the same analysis referenced in Question 2 above.
I need to know the exact reason a check was declined.
  Only the consumer is allowed to receive details about the consumer's information, which is strictly confidential. Please have the consumer call EnCircle for additional information.
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