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  Due to the numerous financial benefits, multitudes of governments and associations are using check conversion today. Your organization can also take advantage of the many benefits of check conversion - faster than you probably think possible.
Service Providers
Check Collection Providers - EnCircle's full line of Collection Services can be customized to fit your specific needs. They also simplify the handling of checks by merchants and provide electronic collection in case of checks returned because of insufficient funds.
Third Party Processors - EnCircle was founded to provide merchant acquirers and processors electronic and paper check solutions. With EnCircle, merchant acquirers and processors have a tremendous opportunity to gain an additional revenue stream for one of the most popular payment options - checks.
Check Guarantee* Providers - Check services companies that supply guarantee* services can greatly benefit from the many efficiencies of EnCircle's electronic check processing and reporting. EnCircle currently services some of the largest check service providers in the country.
Check Verification Providers - EnCircle makes available to check service providers state of the art Check Verification solutions using the largest national databases available. These services can be resold as either branded service offerings or as private label extended service solutions.
ISOs - To receive information regarding the EnCircle ISO Program when it becomes available, please contact EnCircle at
VARs/System Integrators - EnCircle is your complete source for solutions related to check conversion transaction processing. Whether you are developing applications for Point-of-Sale, Returned Check, Accounts Receivable for Internet or for integrating to a back office system, EnCircle has the tools to help.
Financial Institutions
  In the wake of paper to electronic technology advances, EnCircle can help financial institutions retain a traditional core service offering of check processing instead of losing this business to third party service providers.
Treasury Management - EnCircle was founded to provide financial institutions electronic check solutions to support the evolution of paper-based to electronic check processing.
Merchant Acquirers - EnCircle can help merchant acquirers realize more revenue and increase merchants satisfaction by extending electronic check service offerings.
Merchants - The process of converting paper checks into electronic funds transfers has finally become a reality. Your organization can now take advantage of the many benefits of check conversion - faster than you probably think possible!
Associations - With EnCircle's end-to-end check processing services, governments and associations now have a powerful tool designed to reduce paper handling costs, reduce losses from bad checks, improve cash flow and lower overall banking costs.
Corporations - Due to the numerous financial benefits of EnCircle's check processing services, multitudes of corporations large and small across the nation are reducing costs and improving cash flow.
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