Check Services
Electronic Check - EnCircle is proud to offer an array of solutions designed to electronically accept checks, effectively decreasing costs and increasing sales. These solutions allow financial institutions, businesses and organizations to enjoy the many benefits of electronic check conversion.
Point of Sale (POP) - EnCircle's Point of Sale electronic check conversion allows merchants to eliminate paper checks by turning them into electronic transactions at the cash register. After a customer gives a merchant a paper check, EnCircle immediately converts the paper check into an electronic transaction safely, securely and quickly.
Back Office Check Conversion (BOC) - This outstanding service allows business to obtain all the advantages of Electronic Check Conversion while minimizing changes to change their existing check acceptance infrastructure and dramatically reducing the need to purchase equipment to process checks.
Accounts Receivable/Lockbox (ARC) - Businesses that accept checks through the mail, drop box, lockbox, or other environments where the check writer is not present can now electronically process and present these checks to the check writer's bank, eliminating the need to deposit and process paper checks.
Internet Checks (WEB) - EnCircle provides businesses a secure and easy way to accept check payments over the Internet. This real-time payment solution improves operational efficiencies and may increase revenue by offering a businesses an alternative payment option, stronger fraud protection, quick funding and low-cost integration.
Mail Order/Telephone (TEL) - EnCircle's Mail Order/Telephone service makes it possible for businesses to provide a payment option to customers who prefer to pay by check over the phone. EnCircle converts checks into electronic items instantly, while customers are on the phone and before merchandise is shipped.
Check 21 - EnCircle's Check 21 solution allows business the ability to obtain many of the advantages of Electronic Check Conversion, by using the image of the original check to settle the item. Returned checks are minimized and checks that cannot be processed via the ACH system can be cleared quickly and efficiently.
Check Guarantee* - EnCircle provides thousands of businesses nationwide peace of mind through our Guarantee* program that ensures that EnCircle covers any returned checks. EnCircle takes the hassle and risk out of check acceptance - with the lowest rates and best technology in the industry.
Check Verification - EnCircle's Check Verification service allows merchants access to the largest consumer databases in the industry. These databases are updated in real-time, as check activity occurs, allowing merchants outstanding risk management and fraud detection.
Re-presented Checks (RCK) - EnCircle's Re-Presented Check (RCK) services allows businesses to recover NSF paper checks by resubmitting them electronically via the Automated Clearing House (ACH). This innovative service reduces bad debt and saves time and money. With Re-Presented Check services, businesses can obtain faster check recovery and lower costs.
Check Collection - EnCircle has been a leading provider of electronic and paper Check Collection and Check Guarantee* for over a quarter of a century, collecting billions of dollars in checks. Our ability to collect checks is unmatched in the industry. That's why leading national banks and processors offer EnCircle Collections exclusively to their customers.
Return Fee Collection - With EnCircle's Electronic Check Verification product, merchants can now electronically collect returned NSF check service fees automatically, without the hassles of attempting to collect these fees on the phone or by mail.
Image Repository - EnCircle's Image Repository service was developed to capture, archive and retrieve check images for collection purposes. It offers merchants, financial institutions and payment processors simple, secure automated storage and retrieval of images without any capital investment or additional support infrastructure.
Reconciliation & Returns Management - EnCircle provides detailed files for use in reconciliation efforts, in addition to real-time, exportable online reporting. Standard report files contain all the data needed to track original check transactions, returned checks and re-presented items.
Online Reporting & Management - EnCircle's online reporting system, EnQuire, provides real-time portfolio management tools, check images and access to historical data not available in the physical world of paper checks. This robust Web-enabled tracking and reporting tool provides pertinent information and functionality.
Consolidated Returns - With EnCircle's Consolidated Returns service, merchants can consolidate all returned checks into one bank account. This service can be fully integrated into EnCircle's Re-Presented Check and Check Collections services, providing a comprehensive check solution.
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