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 Check 21

EnCircle's Check 21 solution allows business the ability to obtain many of the advantages of Electronic Check Conversion, by using the image of the original check to settle the item.  Returned checks are minimized and checks that cannot be processed via the ACH system can be cleared quickly and efficiently.

As with all of EnCircle's check solutions, businesses can add fully integrated Check Verification, Check Collection and Check Guarantee* services.
How it works:
  When the merchant receives a paper check, the check is run through an imagining device that captures the image of the front and back of the check. EnCircle then uses the image to settle the item through the banking system.
EnCircle gives merchants the confidence to accept more checks, with the following benefits:
Faster access to funds.
Fewer trips to the bank.
Reduced bank fees and processing costs.
Service Fee revenue.
Minimized check acceptance risks.
Protected consumer information.
Improved reporting & reconciliation.
Flexible check handling options.
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