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 Accounts Receivable/Lockbox (ARC)

Businesses that accept checks through the mail, drop box, lockbox or other environments where the check writer is not present can now electronically present these checks to the check writer's bank, eliminating the need to deposit and process paper checks.
How it works:
  Checks processed with EnCircle's Accounts Receivable/Lockbox service are converted to electronic deposits and typically funded within 2 or 3 business days. Businesses are able to view all check activity, check images, run and export reports and evaluate sales quickly and easily via EnCircle's online reporting tool, EnQuire.

With EnCircle's electronic check service, businesses can reduce bank fees and improve cash flow. Businesses can choose to add EnCircle's Check Verification and Collection services to reduce risk or EnCircle's Check Guarantee* service can be added to virtually eliminate receiving bounced checks altogether.
Benefits of Accounts Receivable/Lockbox Check Conversion:
Reduced bank fees.
Faster cash flow and funding.
Minimized risk of fraud or returned checks.
Online reporting.
Online consumer opt-out if desired.
Streamlined back office operations.
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