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 Online Reporting & Management

EnCircle's online reporting & Management system, EnQuire, provides real-time portfolio management tools, check images and access to historical data not available in the physical world of paper checks.
Transaction Reports:
All processed checks, sorted by company, location and source.
All returned items sorted by return type and cycle status.
Daily bank deposit information.
Data mining / Research capabilities.
Transaction Management Functions:
Power to manage re-submits and returned items.
Options include auto-resubmit (twice), manual resubmit or a combination of the two options.
Collection and Authorization Processes:
Update your negative files within two days from original date of check acceptance.
View / Export end-of-cycle return details.
View / Export images of returned items.
  EnQuire allows customers to balance ACH batch totals to A/R - A/P activities and bank deposits using the EnQuire export function.
  The ACH network allows for rapid funding of accounts. EnCircle's Check Conversion users can track all the transactions they process in real time by logging onto the EnQuire online reporting & Management system. Using EnQuire's export function, users can download all EnQuire reports as comma-separated text files to any spreadsheet program on their host computers for integration with their existing A/R and A/P databases.
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