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 How Electronic Check Works

EnCircle is proud to offer an array of solutions designed to electronically accept checks, effectively decreasing costs and increasing sales.  These solutions allow financial institutions, businesses, and organizations to enjoy the many benefits of electronic check conversion quickly and easily.

EnCircle is one of the original pioneers of electronic check conversion and EnCircle's services are some of the industry's most robust and sophisticated.  EnCircle gives merchants the confidence to accept more checks by making check acceptance as fast, easy and secure as accepting credit cards.

It's simply the best way to accept checks.
Benefits of Electronic Check Conversion:
Faster access to funds.
Fewer trips to the bank.
Service Fee revenue.
Reduced bank fees and processing costs.
Minimized check acceptance risks.
Protected consumer information.
Improved reporting & reconciliation.
Flexible, integrated check risk mitigation options.
How it Works:
  When a customer provides a merchant a paper check, EnCircle instantly converts the paper check into an electronic transaction.
EnCircle then uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and other settlement processes to clear the check transaction.
Merchant's bank account is funded directly, generally in two business days.
  Electronic Check processing can be automatically integrated with EnCircle's state of the art Check Guarantee*, Check Verification and Check Collection services, providing merchants with streamlined back office operations, reduced costs and peace of mind.
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